E-paper stretches its wings

søndag 27. mars 2011

E Ink isn't the only e-paper game in town, nor is electrophoretic technology the only option for creating e-paper displays. Many other companies are working on competing technologies. Two of the more interesting ones are being developed by Qualcomm subsidiaryQualcomm MEMS Technologies and startup Liquavista, which was acquired by Samsung Electronics in January.

Qualcomm is working on an alternative display technology that could further shake up the e-reader market by offering better color and faster performance. Qualcomm'sMirasol display uses microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology, which adjusts two conductive plates to either reflect light or absorb it for a series of screen subpixels.

By varying the gap between the plates and the voltage applied to them, Qualcomm can vary the wavelength of light emitted to create different visible colors. It then assembles red, green and blue subpixels into a single pixel capable of supporting an even wider range of colors. Think of MEMS as an array of very tiny, very fast shutters -- fast enough to support full-motion video.

Source: Computerworld

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