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torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Add a whole new dimension to your work with a beautiful, easy-to-make ebook from Blurb – even if you’re a novice, learning how to make an ebook with Blurb is simple. Our online editing tools help you turn the power of print into a graphically rich ebook for the iPad that displays your layout and designs exactly how you want them.

Blurb's ebooks offer instant benefits:
  • Rich media: The option to add audio and visual media to ebooks, taking storytelling to a whole new level
  • Quality: Fixed-format layouts keep your text and images together – perfect for cookbooks, graphic novels, children's books, and more
  • Reach: Opening your work up to a completely new audience, selling your ebooks in Blurb's online bookshop and the Apple® iBookstore
  • Accessibility: The ease of having ebook versions of your print books for meetings, presentations, and sharing your books on the go with friends and family
  • Speed: Start enjoying your ebook as soon as you click Publish – no waiting for shipping and delivery
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